The single cell that proliferates performance

Algae’s natural thermoplastic qualities allow BLOOM to meet, and in some cases exceed performance characteristics of conventional closed-cell flexible foam, resulting in improved tear strength and elongation, greater flexibility, and more. BLOOM foams deliver striking performance values, which make them drop-in replacements for conventional foams.

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Sourcing our algae

Algae helps keep ecologies in balance, but too much can hurt freshwater habitats and the people and animals living around them. By sourcing our algae biomass from lakes and ponds with high algal bloom risks, we help mitigate the negative environmental effects caused by the overproduction of algae.

Our Process

A powerful opportunity for change

BLOOM foams exist to offer a safer, more sustainable answer to conventional flexible foams, with less environmental impact. By concentrating on solutions that benefit consumers, the environment, and your bottom line, we develop technologies that make it sustainable for companies to do the right thing for customers and the environment, and to preserve the values at your core.

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Outperform convention

By working with nature, we’re helping to advance some of today’s most exciting technologies for a more sustainable future. Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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