BLOOM in the Media

From partnering with AECOM to help clean up Florida's waterways, to launching our first product in collaboration with Firewire Surfboards and Slater Designs, BLOOM has received some impressive media mentions. We're honored to have been featured in established, well-respected publications with a pulse on innovation, environmental stewardship, and entrepreneurship.

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork. A cat and her lady high-five each other

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It’s such a cheesy quote, but lately I find myself saying it almost every day (and not ironically). It’s hard not to say it when I am surrounded by hardworking people that I respect so much. Here at BLOOM, we have cultivated a unique culture where everyone’s opinions are listened to and respected, we all chip in to help with projects no matter how big or small, and we truly work together to make some amazing things happen.

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Dave and Amy Freeman meet three new teammates, three beautiful huskies that will accompany them on their journey.

An Interview with Dave and Amy Freeman, Wilderness Explorers

Dave and Amy Freeman are a husband and wife team advocating for, and educating the public about a threat affecting one the United States’ largest national forests from sulfide-ore mining. On September 23rd, 2015, the couple embarked on a year-long expedition to save the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from sulfide-ore mining adjacent to the Wilderness.

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This Week’s Opportunity for Change: Camping Mats

This week’s Opportunity for Change is foam camping mats. Whether you use a mat for inflatable underlayment or you’re a purest and sleep directly on one, camping mats are a versatile piece of gear in your camping arsenal. Beneficially, BLOOM is closed cell foam, so it won’t absorb moisture. Additionally, BLOOM has a great compression... Read more »

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