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We clear algal blooms from freshwater sources and recirculate clean water back into the habitat. Then we take that pond scum and turn it into a technological powerhouse of innovation.

BLOOM flexible foams contain between 15 and 60% algae biomass, depending on the desired foam characteristics. Algae biomass acts as a natural polymer, and when combined with foaming ingredients, the result, in many cases, is improved technical performance over conventional flexible foams.



Flexible foams enhance performance, increase safety, and offer comfort, but at a high cost to the environment. Responsible companies committed to sustainability now have a better alternative to conventional flexible foams, while being mindful of performance and operational costs.

BLOOM is a drop-in replacement for many flexible foam applications. To compare the environmental benefits of BLOOM to conventional flexible foams, click here.

  • Application

    Footwear(insole, midsole, outsole)

  • Application

    Brace(neoprene covering, straps)

  • Application

    Traction(surf, standup paddle, wakeboards)

  • Application

    Toys(play mats, bath toys, soft building blocks)

  • Application

    Industrial(gaskets, seals, insulation)

  • Application

    Fitness(mats, blocks)

  • Application


  • Application

    Accessories(backpack strap support, luggage padding, headphone padding)




Our foams are dermatologically tested and certified hypoallergenic*—fitting for applications that require direct, prolonged contact with the skin.

*Based on a clinical trial conducted with over 200 volunteer subjects between the ages of 18- and 70-years old.


Resilience is an indicator of the surface elasticity or “springiness” of foam. Resilience can relate to comfort or durability. BLOOM foam has proven to out-compete conventional foams in this regard. Higher resilience in a foam often translates to a better “hand” or surface feel, and a longer life span for the finished goods.

Tear Strength

Flexible foams are also measured for their ability to resist tearing or shredding. This is an important attribute where the foam is going to be handled frequently. Depending on the application, BLOOM foam has a demonstrable improvement in tear strength over competing foams. In some instances, the tear strength of BLOOM is more than twice that of a competing foam in the same classification.

Reduced Weight

Thanks to algae’s unique properties, customers have found an average weight reduction in BLOOM foam versus competitors, that in some instances, is between 8 and 10%.


On average, our algae-containing foams have between 25 to 40% more elongation than conventional foams. Elongation is a measure of how much the foam can be stretched before it breaks, which means greater durability in demanding applications.


We custom-formulate our foam to meet your exact performance specifications, while ensuring a more environmentally-sound solution that meets or exceeds your standards.

Formulations are available for:

Illustration Injection molding
Illustration Foam sheets
Illustration Compression and vacuum molding

Stock colors

BLOOM foams are available in eight stock colors. Need something different? Please contact us directly for custom color inquiries.

  • Color Swatch
  • Color Swatch
  • Color Swatch
  • Color Swatch
  • Color Swatch
  • Color Swatch
  • Color Swatch
  • Color Swatch

Note: The colors you see on your screen may not be an accurate reproduction of the actual product. Swatch books may be ordered, simply log in to access our PRO Resources.

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