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This week’s Opportunity for Change is of course yoga mats! We’ve received a bit of PR within the yoga mat space recently, so it’s time to dive in.

Opportunity for Change

Firstly, do you really NEED a yoga mat? Nope. People have been practicing yoga for thousands of years without them. That’s not to say that there isn’t a benefit to using one though. Thanks in large part to modern technology you can practice your positions in squishy anti-fatigue comfort.

If you shop online or go to any brick-and-mortar retailer looking for a yoga mat, you will be met with a ridiculous number of options. When it comes to making your yoga mat purchase, your health and the impact that your yoga mat has on the planet should be factors in your decision making process–right? Your yoga mat is as much a reflection of your social responsibility and connection with the world as it is functional.

If you are in the market for a new yoga mat, then please consider one manufactured with BLOOM Foam. Not only will you be helping to offset non-renewable petroleum use, you’ll also be assisting in solving the algae epidemic that is choking waterways worldwide. The high percentage of algae biomass in BLOOM Foam isn’t just filler; it fuses with the other foam ingredients without impacting the compression, rebound, and longevity of your mat. Best of all, BLOOM Foam has virtually no smell, so you won’t be off-put by your mat when in Downward-Facing Dog. With algae biomass content between 15-60% and a myriad of densities and thicknesses, BLOOM Foam might just be your new yoga bestie. ‪#‎opportunityforchange

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One comment on “This week’s Opportunity for Change: Yoga Mats

  1. Kristina on

    I’m very interested to learn more about your smart use of algae bloom! And of course when your products become available. Are your companies publicly traded? Thanks


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