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Media Resources

At BLOOM, we believe in the power of stepping up.

Our goal is to inspire the global footwear industry to reduce its environmental footprint, while continuing to innovate and provide performance-driven goods at competitive price points.

Every day we’re working with nature to find creative solutions that preserve our planet’s most precious resources. Follow along with us, share our story, and join us as we work towards a more sustainable future.

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BLOOM makes a flexible foam ingredient from algae biomass which cleans and restores the environment when harvested.

We help keep natural ecologies in balance, and in return, we get an incredible renewable resource that helps us offset the use of petroleum in traditional footwear foams.

If only 5% of shoe manufacturers used Bloom products in their shoes:

  • Enough water would be cleaned to provide for the basic needs of Africa and Asia’s population for 1 day.

  • The annual carbon emissions of approximately 23,000 passenger vehicles could be offset.

You can help make eco-footwear a reality. Make a choice to purchase sustainable products and help us spread a message of environmental responsibility.

Why Algae?


Algae is free of GMOs & pesticides, helps capture C02, and is not a food source.


Algae is the fastest growing plant on earth, making it an incredible renewable resource.


Algae growth doesn’t require fossil fuels, arable land, or consumption of precious water resources.


Algae is high in proteins and has natural thermoplastic qualities, making it a great raw material for manufacturing foam.


Algae can grow too fast. Our harvesting process helps protect animal and plant life and return things back to normal.


With our help, algae can help the footwear industry reduce its dependence on non-renewable petroleum.