Let’s Go.

Let’s Go.

An account of our steps forward toward a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious future for the footwear industry.

This Week’s Opportunity for Change: Running Shoes

This week’s Opportunity for Change is running shoes. Any runner will probably agree that there is no better way to kick start the day than with a solid morning run.   Running can be a very personal thing and obviously doesn’t require a lot of “stuff” other than you, the road, and a halfway decent […]

This week’s Opportunity for Change: Yoga Mats

This week’s Opportunity for Change is of course yoga mats! We’ve received a bit of PR within the yoga mat space recently, so it’s time to dive in. Firstly, do you really NEED a yoga mat? Nope. People have been practicing yoga for thousands of years without them. That’s not to say that there isn’t […]

This Week’s Opportunity for Change: Camping Mats

This week’s Opportunity for Change is foam camping mats. Whether you use a mat for inflatable underlayment or you’re a purest and sleep directly on one, camping mats are a versatile piece of gear in your camping arsenal. Beneficially, BLOOM is closed cell foam, so it won’t absorb moisture. Additionally, BLOOM has a great compression […]

ALGIX & Effekt Introduce World’s First Algae-Derived Flexible Foams

MERIDIAN, Mississippi and SAN DIEGO, California (August 24th, 2015) — Algix LLC, the world’s leading producer of algae bio-products, and Effekt LLC, an environmentally minded product and material development company, announced today the creation of the worlds first algae-derived flexible foams. Both companies are joining forces in a joint venture entitled Bloom Holdings LLC to […]

At BLOOM, we’re passionate about innovation, the environment, and performance.

We’re actively proving that environmental responsibility is not an inconvenient trade-off for companies looking to do the right thing—nor does it come at great cost. Driven by strategy, ingenuity, and a healthy disrespect for the status quo, we’re helping companies take steps to lessen industries’ collective environmental footprint while engineering performance-driven goods at competitive price-points.

For us, that’s the totality of sustainability—ensuring an economically viable solution by utilizing a renewable feedstock that mitigates environmental disruption. This means that all industries have opportunities to make a positive change, no excuses.

Add Bloom Algae Foam to your products today.