This Week’s Opportunity for Change: Camping Mats

This week’s Opportunity for Change is foam camping mats. Whether you use a mat for inflatable underlayment or you’re a purest and sleep directly on one, camping mats are a versatile piece of gear in your camping arsenal.

Camping Mats

Beneficially, BLOOM is closed cell foam, so it won’t absorb moisture. Additionally, BLOOM has a great compression set so the foam won’t go flat on you after a night under the stars. Furthermore, BLOOM can be manufactured exceptionally lightweight to ensure that you’re not lugging around an extra two pounds of weight on your hike to basecamp.

Equally as important, BLOOM foam contains a large percentage of algae biomass content, and depending on the formulation, a large percentage of recycled content as well. This means that you can enjoy the great outdoors to its fullest, knowing that you are doing your part (to keep the great outdoors great) by selecting the right material for the job.‪ #‎opportunityforchange