Tell a better eco-story.

Tell a better eco-story.

Today’s customers want more than strong performance, they want environmental responsibility.

If a third of your customers decided today to purchase only eco-conscious products, would your brand be first in their minds? Studies show that consumers are already making these choices. 

Our goal is to help you to tell a better story today, without sacrificing the performance and quality your customers expect. 

If only 5% of footwear brands like yours used Bloom products in their shoes:

  • Enough water would be cleaned to provide for the basic needs of Africa and Asia’s population for 1 day.

  • The annual carbon emissions of approximately 23,000 passenger vehicles could be offset.

Thinking beyond the foam…

We believe that in order to truly transform the footwear industry, we have to start at the beginning.

From supply-chain to distribution to marketing – we’re offering a helping hand to established brands as well as startups. Have a question about manufacturing and don’t know where to turn? Looking to tell a better eco-story throughout your messaging?

Our experienced team is here to provide the answers you need. Get in touch today to find out how to get started.

Reduce your dependence on petroleum with BLOOM Algae Foams.

We offer 6 popular formulas or we can custom formulate our foam to meet your exact performance specifications while ensuring a more environmentally-sound solution that meets or exceeds your standards.

How to work with BLOOM


Design Your Product

Design a product that would traditionally include EVA-only foams.

Use Bloom Algae Foam in Your Products


Add BLOOM Algae Technology

Add Bloom to your supply chain either by working with an existing foam factory partner or by reaching out to us to onboard a new factory.


Work with your factory to spec in a Bloom component

Use our most common formulas to develop your tech pack using Bloom masterbatch OR your factory can develop a custom formula that meets your specific needs.
Bloom Algae Foam Specs
Get Bloom Algae Eco-Facts For Your Products


Get your certified BLOOM Eco-Facts

Once your formula is in place – reach out to us! We can work with you and your factory to forecast your master batch needs and to begin the certification process for your Bloom eco-facts.


Launch your product!

1. Use your eco-facts to prove positive environmental impacts of your product 2. Reach out to us to receive marketing visuals and materials for sharing the Bloom eco-story 3. Let us know when you’re going live! We love to promote our brand partners.

At BLOOM, we believe in the power of stepping up.

Our goal is to inspire the global footwear industry to reduce its environmental footprint, while continuing to innovate and provide performance-driven goods at competitive price points. And we want to help them make it happen.

Every day we’re working with nature to find creative solutions that preserve our planet’s most precious resources. Follow along with us, share our story, and join us as we work towards a more sustainable future.

Add Bloom Algae Foam to your products today.